Yoga – Why Am I Grateful to Have It in My Life?


My first yoga class I cried. It’ because yoga releases emotions and gives us freedom. It allows you to feel good to be just the way you are. More importantly, it also allowes you to accept yourself the way you are not. It is about fulfilling your purpose of being.  For me, it is also about magical relationship with life.

It is a journey of exciting discovery.  Opportunity of allowing yourself letting go of a constant fight inside you by bringing in the stillness that comes from within.

My Yoga Practice Today

Just finished my daily class.

Today I practiced like I have never done these moves before. Just the way babies are suddenly discovering they have a foot and 5 little toes. It brings me great sense of gratitude for the smallest things in life that cause us happiness. I believe yoga brings people together and creates wonderful authentic friendships between us.


What I Get From Yoga

Yoga makes me feel alive, to be able to smell, to taste, to appreciate, to be sensual and express myself creatively from the space of truth.

It makes me feel strong to face anything in life, to feel confident and gorgeous.  Yoga brings me peace and groudedness at times of complete chaos. It leads me to the place that feels like home.

I believe it is the most gentle loving thing you can do for yourself.  It takes regular practice and in one point, it makes you feel like you are resting on the clouds of peace.

Yoga and Science

And what does the science say about it all?

Yoga and You

For me, commitment to this regular practice gives me clarity about my life and which direction to go.  Yoga is about serving others, being playful and having fun.


Regular excercise allowes me to link with deepest parts of myself.  Online interactive yoga is one of the most practical and affordable ways how to bring community of people with great vibes together.

Through the gift of my teachers over the years, I was able to be lit up.  I was given life. I was given purpose.

Yoga made me fall in love with myself.  It changed my life.

What does yoga mean for you?  How often do you practice and why?

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