What is Colonic Hydrotherapy and How Do We Benefit?


Few days ago I met with my beautiful friend Jane for the session of colonic hydrotherapy as I believe this is such an important part of my juicing detox programme.  It was surprisingly wonderful, gentle and enlightening experience and so I asked her few questions many of us may like to know before we give it a “green light”.

What is a Colonic?

Colonic hydrotherapy or sometimes known as colonic irrigation is a gentle wash out of the colon or large intestine, using warm water to remove waste matter, rehydrate and exercise the bowel.

What does it do?

A colonic has many benefits to the individual , many clients say it gives them a sensation of overall well -being and energy, and it’s often an inspiration to change eating habits and a lifestyle change.

The colonic works with your body, helping to return your digestive system to a more natural, healthier sate.

The gentle flow of water works in two ways.  Firstly it cleans out waste matter in the colon and secondly it stimulates the natural nerve and muscle action of the bowels to encourage proper bowel function.


Is it scary is it painful?

It’s certainly not painful or scary.  Often my clients come with concerns and worries, but that’s part of my job, to have you feel at ease and relax into the treatment.

How long is the treatment and what does it include?

Treatment time on the bench can vary from person to person.  Average time is 45 minutes, but the time I allow for us to firstly talk about how your health, your health history and an explain action of the treatment plus time after in my ensuite bathroom facilities for you to get change.  I allow 90 minutes.

The treatment itself will take 45 minutes, that where the warm filtered water is introduced into your colon through a small tube that is gently inserted into your rectum.  As the warm water enters , you will feel a fullness and then a relax as it empties.  The water pressure and temperature are carefully controlled and all waste is drained discreetly away.

I fill and empty several times and massage your abdomen to encourage your bowel to relax and expel wastes.  I have you wrapped up in blankets and the room is warm and cozy so you feel safe and secure.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Example of a colon hydrotherapy treatment:

Should I prepare myself?

Fantastic question, and there’s no right or wrong way to prepare as I will treat accordingly to where you are at with your health.  I like to suggest if you can avoid a big meal before coming for treatment, for your own comfort.  No one really like to have their abdomen massaged after food.  If you are really looking to maximise your treatment, why not set your self a juice challenge and come at the beginning of your cleanse and at the end.

What are the benefits for the future “mums to be”?

Preparing your self physically and emotionally is a great way to begin your parenting journey.  I am a qualified nutritional therapist, and as part of treatment I can look at your eating patterns and foods and see where we can maximise your nutrition.

Detoxing your body is work that needs to be done before conception, no one really wants to pass that toxic load onto their unborn child, so a course of colonics can give your liver the well deserved rest it needs .

Please note colonic hydrotherapy is not suitable for already pregnant ladies.

What should I expect after the treatment?

Every one is different, and every one comes at a different point in their health plan. Most of my clients feel great after a colonic, that’s why they keep coming back! However if you are suffering with a long term health issue, a ‘healing crisis ‘ can occur where you may feel tired after treatment.

Colonic Hydrotherapy in Berkhamsted

Jane E Eastoe is a member of ARCH http://www.colonic-association.org

She has got the private Health Clinic in lovely village of Berkhamsted just 20 minutes train ride from London Euston.  To book a session or ask further questions, please visit: www.berkhamstedcolonics.co.uk

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