Lucia Hoxha - what do I do

Lifestyle Coach

Lucia’s passion is bringing women together, connecting them across nations and supporting on their journey towards motherhood.  

Her life mission is allowing them to find the peace and internal happiness on their journey to become mums.

She helps ladies on this exciting journey to discover harmony in all areas of their life by offering unique 8 week programme consisting from combination of joining three powerful elements (mind, body and spirit) through intuitive coaching and specifically designed yoga and meditation series.  

Lucia is married in a beautiful relationship with her husband Billy, following her dreams, continuously making a lasting difference to people’s lives.

Yoga Teacher

Lucia is Queen of Yoga for Love & Connection.

She is a qualified yoga teacher, NLP practitioner and professional lifestyle coach.

She offers private 1:2:1 yoga classes in London as well as regular online yoga classes, making this amazing practice available to absolutely everyone.

Social Entrepreneur

Lucia was a first UK Ambassador and is a graduate of Global Institute of Extraordinary Women.  As a social entrepreneur she loves bringing people together making lasting difference in their life.

The aim is that we all live our lives authentically, in balance of our natural flow, creating wealth with joy and ease, through collaboration and in harmony and mutual respect with one another. Her commitment is to empower women to get present to their grace and strength, allowing their internal beauty shining brightly. She believes in freedom and power of unconditional love.



Contact Lucia

For any questions about yoga, about her programmes or how Lucia can support you on your journey towards motherhood, feel free to contact her:

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