I was born in the valley surrounded by mountains of stunning beauty of Slovakia, where my heart belongs, almost 40 years ago to a family of loving parents and very beautiful people as the youngest child.

From the very beginning, I was treated with respect, as a best friend and mini human being with a great potential.  My dad saw me as very special from the minute popped out.

I was always the one being in charge of my own life and frankly, I was also, to certain degree, the boss of our family life.  I was the one bringing people together, the one who didn’t tolerate shouting or gossiping, the one who just wanted to see people smile and experience love everywhere just like any other child.

Then life happened…

Mum started disappearing in front of our eyes and dad said mum won’t last passed Christmas.  I begged her to stop killing herself, to stop abusing herself, to forget about saving the world.  She could not hear me.  I couldn’t bare it! Within two weeks, age of 15, I left everything behind, moved to a capital in faith of a better exciting life and brand new direction.

My dream came true, with a little delay due to being bullied at school and kidnapped after just two months in the ‘big city’ while trying to find myself and way around.

From the tennis player I became successful on the theatre stage, as a presenter.  I’ve established the first cheerleading group in my country and worked on elections in age of 18.  Mingled amongst famous people and done some pretty cool things including riding a donkey in the desert making two documentary films with Slovak National Television about Virgin Mary playing the main character.


I then went to University where I studied Marketing and Masmedia.  I had my heart broken by well known Czech actor, run away from the pain for the second time (this time to London) found the English man with the nice smile and got married in age of 21.

Night before the wedding, I knew it was a big mistake.  He was an alcoholic and just the day after, I realised I am married to someone who I feel ashamed of.  He didn’t treat me with respect, but I stayed for another 6 years.  Then I run away the last time and tasted the temporary life of the person without the security, money or home.  I was lonely and ill.  I didn’t have enough money to fly home.

It was there and then when I have made the most powerful choice of my life.  There, in the freezing cold, with not a wink of sleep, at the early sunrise, wrapped up in seven layers of clothes, passport and two bin bags that represented all I now have, I felt the greatest strength ever and the internal voice telling me something amazing is coming out of this.  From that moment on, I started feeling warm and safe.  I knew I’m not alone!

So I did, soon after I started living and breathing personal development, qualified as a coach and then NLP Practitioner with Richard Bandler.  Without me coming across my friend who paid for my first coaching session, I would never be able to see clearly enough, I would never found the courage to leave abusive relationship, to save my life and then make difference to thousands of others.

I love being spontaneous, I love adventure and one of my greatest passions is to wonder around the world.  Over the years I worked as a volunteer on various projects with wild animals and aboriginal communities in bushman land.

I worked with blue chip finance companies in the city of London having a successful career as an executive assistant, but kept on sneaking out.


I lived in Namibia, jumped across Australia, including Fiji hop, some parts of Asia, Indonesia, Russia and UAE.   Inspired by the best teachers, I ended up studying yoga in Himalaya Yoga Valley in India, then coming back, teaching and coaching on various leadership programmes ever since.


And here I am now.  On my journey of motherhood as a social enterpreneur, writer, speaker, yoga teacher and lifestyle coach. Happily married to a most wonderful man for who I am grateful every single morning so much so, that before I get up, I just close my eyes, listen to him breathing, feeling his warmth sending the most sincere gratitude to God for the life I have now, for all I have, who I am and what I am able to offer to people around me.

Who I am choosing to be day by day is someone who brings the light, encourages forgiveness, spreads unconditional love and empowers people.

Hand on my heart, one thing I love and enjoy the most is being creative, bringing people together and making lasting difference to them and their families so more and more of us live our lives following our true purpose, experiencing profound connection with one another being as one, internal happiness filled with vitality, child like joy, harmony while vibrating beautiful energy radiating love everywhere so together we are causing peace in the world.