6 Benefits of Waking up at 5am


Waking up at five in the morning every day (except Sundays) completely changed my life and the same can happen for you!

I don’t say this lightly as I don’t believe in lying, I believe in truth and so when I say this is one of the things that completely changed my life, I mean it!

Waking up this early gave me advantages over other people I never thought possible.  Its like taking steroids for your life except the negative side effects ?

Here I am going to share the benefits of waking up at 5am every single day.  Some of these benefits are obvious, some are not.  These are the keys to success to basically anything you really want.

I am also going to share with you how to wake up this early as maybe you have tried this before – you have set the alarm, you got excited and next thing you know, it was the 13th time you have pressed the snooze button as you are way too tired, so you convince yourself to go back to sleep.

Here are the benefits I promised to share:

1.) The time boost

When I started waking up at 5am, the very fist thing I noticed is that I have way more time.  Most of my friends wake up at 7 or 8am or even later.  That’s fine, but it just means that I have extra 3-5 hours in a day before they even open their eyes. Time means a lot in the modern world, so those hours are incredibly beneficial.

Many CEO’s use this strategy to have a head start in a day.  One of them was Steve Jobs.  who used to wake up at 5.30am.

2.) Fitness Consistency

Most people out there want to get fit.  Guys want to get strong and muscly; us girls want to keep the curves, but we usually want to lose some weight and firm up.  Most people don’t accomplish their goals and mostly it is due to lack of consistency in their manic schedule.

Going to school after work is often tough.  You may be tired and your motivation is drained.  You may be tired and hungry and you’d rather watch Netflix with your dog and it all makes sense, but there is a simple cure – wake up early! ?

3.) Creativity Hours

How do you usually spend your time after 10pm?  Are you working at 100% capacity with no distractions?  Very likely this is not the case.  After 10pm, most people relax and spend the time hanging out with friends, drinking alcohol or playing video games.  The truth is, that late hours in the evening are almost never spent productively and we bet to leave them to enjoy simple pleasures, but the opposite is the truth.  When you wake up at 5am, your mind is fresh and your motivation tank is full.  You have the energy to do the creative and complex work.

4.) The Lone Wolf

Distractions are everywhere.  The TV, Facebook, the phone – these are all major distractions and they are keeping you from accomplishing your major goals.  But you are not going to get rid of your TV and  you are not able to have your phone off all the time.  Let me ask you this – who is going to be texting you at 5am in the morning and what is going to be on TV at this time?  The answer is no one and nothing ? The world doesn’t not run much at 5am.  You are free to be productive and powerful.

5.) Habit Constructions

Creating new habits can be really hard. People often buy my online yoga programme and then they write to me they have great benefits when they practice regularly, but they find it hard to keep on going or even to start.  Inconsistency can be very hard for creating good habits.  Waking up at 5am in the morning is going to fix this too as you have an opportunity to dedicate your time in a very direct way.  For example, you can make your time from 5.30-6.30 your designated time for exercise.  I personally love to start my work day early while my brain is fresh after my morning practice and meditation session.

6.) The Money Grind

We all like to make money.  It gives us a freedom, makes us feel appreciated and gives us an opportunity to enjoy life, share with others and grow further.   One of the best benefits is the opportunity to make lots and lots of money.  You can create the business, so in exchange of trading your time for money as you do in normal employment, you have an opportunity to set aside the time for creating and launching your own business as I often do with my ladies.  Perhaps some of you can use this time for generating the residual income that will eventually take you out of the 9-5 slavery.

So how are we going to do this?   How we are going to wake up this early?

The key is to change your sleeping pattern – I call it “one bad night” – try to go to bed at regular times every evening.  It results in just one ‘bad’ night.  As soon as you wake up, make sure you have a nutritious breakfast and won’t go back to sleep during the day.  Because you are not going to have much sleep, you are going to run on adrenaline – that is the hormone which keeps us alert in unusual situations, but around 9pm you are going to get really tired.  At this point, go to bed, making sure you set your alarm again for 5am.  Once you wake up, make sure you have nutritious breakfast and enjoy your first time boost! ?

The last thing I want to mention – ultimately, you will need to make choice – what do you value the most – hours of watching the Netflix or your wildest dreams becoming a reality?

Let me know how are you getting on.  We always love to hear from you…



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