Speaking with my friends from 36 countries all over the world while watching the morning results of Brexit on the screen. I am clear about what is important right now is our focus to stay united no matter what the poll says.  We still have a freedom to chose. It is what it is and what we do now?

I know this Brexit is making many of us sad, upset, maybe even angry and in utter shock how this can be possible.

The sadness lives in my heart since 4am this morning also… It lived there also the morning when Britain decided to take a violent action to bomb the Syria, when I was watching CNN news in Spain hearing one of the most wonderful politicians we ever had in UK with the kindest heart filled with compassion for all human beings has been killed.

I don’t like these mornings, I don’t enjoy them one little bit AND they always remind me my strong unbreakable commitment!

Commitment that today, the Brexit results day, more than any other day, lets bring more love and forgiveness, genuine help and compassion, peace and listening from the space of unconditional love and trust that love is the strongest force of all and it creates mirracles all around us!

…and so this weekend, I am going to be shining bright and find every single opportunity to unite us all everywhere, to be one with another human being.

Today, I am helping old lady to catch the flight, make her laugh and comfort her at the time of distress.  Today, I accept with love and understanding the overworked airport staff celebrating the outcomes of the results.

Today, I am bringing nothing but gratitude, joy, fun and contribution while having a privilege to interact with the powerful leaders from all over the world as today is about us all and who do we chose to be in less then ideal world…

We are all the same.

Here is video and the beautiful message of my uncle Albert to us all:

What kind of person do you choose to be today?

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