1:2:1 Yoga and Coaching Services

Beautifully nurturing – personalised elite programme combining 3 powerful elements – mind, body and spirit.

We are offering you 1:2:1 yoga and coaching programme that includes one hour of yoga and meditation time in convenience of your London home and one hour of life-style coaching time over the phone or Skype every week at pre-arranged times suitable to both of us.

I am offering this 8 week programme for £1495 paid in advance prior to our first session.

What will you Get:

*profound understanding of your body & access to your own healing powers
*true confidence raised to a brand new level
*physical practice designed to your own needs
*effective breath work helping you to generate the strength from within
*tools to deal with discomfort with ease
*bringing more peace of mind, playfulness and fun into your every day life
*discovering forgotten passions and little joys in life
*distinguishing your ‘Why’, and importance of awareness of your strengths & weaknesses
*organisation of your time to produce results more effectively
*connecting with your purpose
*getting through the barriers and breaking through the areas where you would usually get stopped

This 7 pillars structured programme is setting you free in areas of your life that are most important to you.

It is designed to give you an access to eliminate all that is standing in between you and what you truly want.

If this speaks to you, feel free to send me a message with your questions and to arrange 15 minute discovery session to see how I can support you!