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Heartfulness Transformation Day

April 7, 2018 @ April 7, 2018 - April 7, 2018
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Join us for the World Transformation Event on Saturday 7th April.  160 countries all over the world where we will be hosting it in London.

I have a privilege to be chosen to be one of the key speakers and so I know this one will be very special and you will be looked after❣️

At this event through heartfulness we offer simple and practical approach to meditation and relaxation which is easy to learn and integrate into your daily life.  The emphasis is on the needs and experience of the meditator.

Heartfulness can help you develop:

  • better relaxation and sleep
  • improved focus and attention
  • a greater sense of being present in the moment
  • a more peaceful, calm and balanced life
  • an individual meditation practice
  • a deeper connection to your own creativity and intuition

This is just few bullet points, so we invite you to experience Heartfulness for yourself❣️



Heartfulness Meditation is a way of uniting heart and mind and is achieved with the aid of yogic transmission, a unique feature of the method.

Transmission can be described as a subtle energy that helps us to focus to shift our attention away from the outer world and to go deeper into our inner world. It can best be understood through direct experience.

We invite you to experience the unique benefits of this practice❣️


Why Meditate?

Modern life makes heavy demands on us and we often feel rushed and pressured.  Through meditation we learn to create a place of calm and peace inside ourselves; we train our minds to become still.  Just as a tree with deep roots is able to withstand strong winds, meditation increases our capacity to cope with the challenges of our busy lives.


Why Hearfulness?

In Heartfulness we meditate on the heart, bringing our focus and attention to the place where we connect with our feelings.  As we tune into our hearts through regular meditation, we find ourselves more in touch with our feelings, more compassionate, less judgmental, better able to understand ourselves and other people.

Our intuitive understanding grows so that our decisions are guided by a deeper sense of what is really right for us and this in turn gives us greater confidence in ourselves.


How to experience Hearfulness and much and I mean it – much more?

Join us for the all day event on 7th April in Stratford ?

Take my word for it – it will be experience that you will deeply cherish in your heart for the rest of your life and we will even feed you with yummy home made food made…yes, with lots of love.



For more information, check: www.heartfulness-uk.org


Date: April 7, 2018
Time: April 7, 2018


Venue Name: Heartfulness Meditation Centre, Stratford
Address: 7 Rick Roberts Way E15 2FR United Kingdom
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Organizer Name: Lucia Hoxha