10 Steps on How to Fulfill Your Purpose in Life

Having a sense of your purpose in life is one of the key elements of a flourishing fulfilling life that allows us to find our passions, pursue important goals that are in line with our values, with our soul – with what we are about as people.  All this is ultimately leading us to live life of authentic happiness.

So where would we start?

Did you decide in the past that life was too tough without even realising it?

Did you wake up this morning realising that every day is a new day of luxury and your time to maximise your potential?

You do not have to stand in the same spot.

Get up, go outside, take a deep breath, look up at the sky.

You see you were able to breathe.

You were able to stand.

You were able to walk.

You have seen the God’s beautiful creation.

…and if you’ve done so, that was a good start, because that means you can see also.  Those beautiful eyes are still working… ?

Now, sit down and meditate upon the great things you have done in life.

There is always more to come!

Remember yesterday you were wearing baby shoes, and now today you have changed.  You are wearing big shoes.  There was an inevitable change in your life that had to occur.

There is still much room for transform, learn and move forward.  So let’s get started.  You can do it one day at a time! ?

Start here with these 10 fun and easy steps:

1. Start Your Day With Prayer or Expression of Gratitude

Prayer is essential for every person that has faith in anything whether its religion, the Universe or Mother Nature.  Expression of gratitude for all the things you are grateful for is an excellent start.  Perhaps you can ask also for guidance.  It is very empowering feeling that you are never ‘walking alone’…


2. Write Down Your Vision

Write down what you want to change.  Make it clear and precise so that even if you had to explain it to someone else, they would be able to understand it too.  You vision what you want your life to look like tomorrow.


3. Make Your Vision Plain

Consider how, when, where, why, and what you will do to activate your vision.  Consider your goals, your expected time to achieve your lifestyle changes that will impact your future. Look at ways you can sustain your expected outcome.


4. Consider Obstacles

Think about everything that may occur or become a circumstances, and that may prevent your vision from birthing forth.  Don’t kill your vision listening to other people.  They will likely match it to the failure stories from their past.  Remember, you are creating your story and it is a brand new thing.


5. Overcome Barriers

Limitations and hindrances along the way may be seen, but you can always avoid them by planning for them.  Remember always you can overcome every obstacle.  Ask your coach to be supportive in shifting your mindset, so your limiting beliefs are no longer running the show of all that is possible in your life.


6. Establish Goals

Establish some quality and specific goals with timelines that you are sure you can achieve. Capture every fine detail about your goals.  Don’t know where to start?  Do you feel like you are procrastinating without even realising you are sabotaging yourself and your own happiness?  We all do it to certain degree.  Awareness is important.  Don’t struggle alone feeling stuck.  Trust that if you have a strong desire, something will come to you.  Then listen to your intuition..


7. Create A Schedule

Schedule steps you will take.  It is good to make a plan for a week (in my group coaching program we always have no more than 3 tasks a week), monthly plan and plan for half year and 5 years ahead.  If this is too much, just start with the long term vision (1 year) and plan 3 tasks every week that are aligned with this vision.  You will be surprised how much you will achieve being consistent in your approach.

After this, you can begin to work around those appointments you have to keep and break the schedule into smaller weekly and then daily steps.  Make sure you create the time to work on those goals you want to achieve.

If you feel like you don’t have time or energy, look at the time and energy leakages (the common ones are: difficulty in relationships, the lack of confidence, anxiety, fear of failure and not being enough…).  You will be surprised how much energy you will gain and how your life moves forward, how much joy and happiness you will suddenly experience when you ‘tackle’ even one of these!

Bare in mind, many of them are hidden and so if you are stuck and you don’t know why or you know why, but you try and just can’t see the way out, reach out and book 45 minutes with me via clicking on this button below:


8. Measure Your Goals

Track the steps you are taking toward your goals.  Every time you complete a part of your goal, smile, share with your loved ones and celebrate – consider it as being a well done accomplishment toward achieving your vision.   In my ‘Life You Love Academy’, we celebrate every week and when we don’t accomplish what we wanted to achieve for that week, we acknowledge it and see what was missing in the way of our ‘being’ and also on the practical level.  It is the most empowering way to live your life and yes, you grow, you live fully experiencing so much joy and connection!


9. Keep On Moving

You are still breathing and it is not over, but you are getting there.  Keep your focus, and do not let distractions hinder your directions like watching TV, staying on the phone all day, and aborting the vision for a period of time.  Just be determined to succeed.


10. Recline

Sit back, relax, and look at the fruits of your labor.

Keep doing this until all of your visions are fulfilled.  Your persistence counts.


Finally, taking the active steps forward means you don’t wait until purpose in life comes to you.  You are actively looking for your calling when you take the action.  Listen to the ‘Universe’ knocking, trust and follow.  Create your life being the most amazing journey.

I personally believe my purpose in life if to be happy, to nurture and shine my light to you all, to contribute and leave something valuable behind me.  With this I wake up and go to sleep every day.  With this in mind, I feel stronger than I ever been to conquer every obstacle and you all have this gift.  I wish all of you to discover and experience your unique version of it every day.

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