Allow Yourself to be Surprised


Sitting in the car on the way from the airport, I am listing to one of my yoga retreat participants at the back of the car.  It is a colleague of my friend and I don’t know him.  I am noticing his accent and loud ego like behaviour is reminding me of my ex-husband.  “Oh no, this one will be hard work!” I notice saying in my head.

Luckily, I notice myself being judgemental and I share my concern out loud with my friend Rasto sitting next to me.  I also share my commitment to love this person no matter what and very quickly I chose to let go of all of my own crap opening myself up to being surprised.

We arrived, got out of the car.  It was dark, but it smelled so fresh and the sound of the river near by…  We all got quiet, even my new ‘favourite’ Essex accent boy.  We looked up – so many stars… and thats how it all started.  With a pure magic.

Very soon, I had an opportunity to get to know Mario, his passion, kindness, wisdom but most importantly his heart…  Next day during our life-coaching session, my chin was dropping listening to him sensing desire to be contribution for others.

Again in my life, I came back to be humble about how wrong was I and what amazing person yet again I had an opportunity to meet…

All my participants arrived tired, with some expectations and slightly disillusioned with their daily life.  The routine, the job, relationships…  You know what I mean?  Nothing is really bad, but its not great either…

5 days later, they left with big smile on their faces, looking forward to their future, relieved and peaceful, as a family – filled with great memories, feeling refreshed and vital.  No, they didn’t really want to leave, but the plane couldn’t wait…

“Sometimes in life we need go back to basics to realise which way to go forward and what is truly important to us in order to find the peace, internal happiness and joy in every day life.”

During their last yoga relaxation, Katka and I cried quietly being moved what magical a space we created, how much love has been shared, magical healing that took place, but most importantly, we knew these guys will never be the same when they come back as their life has transformed for good.

Moved, touched and inspired, we are doing it again.  This time our retreat in May 2019 is suitable also for all ladies who wrote to us they have nowhere to leave their babies, we look after you all…

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