Tired, Bored, No Motivation?

Tired, Bored, No Motivation?

Are you tired, bored and lacking on motivation?  Why it matters when we ‘show up’ in life and what does it actually mean?  The feeling of tiredness, procrastination, ‘one day some day’ thoughts.  You feel like you should, but its not the right time.  Once I will get this done and get that sorted, then I will be happier, healthier, more content and allow myself a luxury to really look after myself.

Did you set up the date for your happiness yet and will it ever come?

Now, I don’t won’t to pretend here I have all the answers as I don’t.  What I can share is my story and few tips that helped me along the way.

Few years ago, I had a hip injury.  As all the injuries, it came out of nowhere and I had no idea it is going to take me 8 months till I am able to walk properly without feeling the pain.  There was a point where I thought I will never be able to run, do yoga and definitely I won’t be able to teach again.

I started on putting on weight, feeling low mentally and well, giving up on myself.  My hip was getting better, but I felt like there is ‘no point’ and found it hard to bounce back and get myself on the mat scared how many things will be far too hard or even impossible for me to do.

Your story may be different and it doesn’t have to be a hip injury.  It can be death of the loved one, redundancy or a relationship break-up.  Sometimes, it actually doesn’t have to be anything that is keeping our lethargy in life in place, just a sheer habit of us being that way for a while.

So what do we do, what helps us to bounce-back and actually enjoy the life we live without changing our circumstances?

Tired, Bored, No Motivation?

1.) Stop Procrastinating your Happiness

We often hear ‘all we have is now’.  I know I used to understand this as a concept, however, it took me until recently being in the fire accident to start applying the full meaning and now I get, it is true!  We really only have one life that can be gone within a moments.  Please, do not wait until that ‘something’ happen in your life and start using the precious time you have here being creative, spending more time doing what you love, connecting with people or just simply taking a moment appreciating the breath of fresh air.

Participating fully in life is what makes a difference inside allows us to feel fulfilled and utilised.  Making a commitment, whether it is showing up in the gym, your yoga mat or eating your ‘greens’ and honouring your word in doing so is what is going to give you strength and confidence.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.  Do something different and unexpected today – just for the sake of it – with playfulness and fun!

2.) Find What Lights You Up

We are all different and what may be fulfilling for one, someone else can find immensely boring.  You have been with yourself for the longest time.  You know by now what those things are.  Share it with your friends and ask for the support.  Everything starts in conversation with people out there.  When we are in our own head things are staying still.

If you are not clear about what it is, get out there and try different things.  Dedicate time to be with yourself when you can connect with the truth that is coming from within.   We often forget we have all the answers, we just don’t allow ourselves enough space to really listen.  This can be great excuse to take on daily practice of meditation or yoga.  This newly created space will not only bring new level of energy in your every day life, it will also save you plenty of time having a clarity in making decisions from the right space, powerful choices that are in line with who you truly are and are right for you.

Tired, Bored, No Motivation?

3.) Take the Action

Follow your intuition and ignore your internal ‘dark lazy voice filled with doubts’ for a while.  Do something different and act on the impulse.  Once something feels right and will resonate with you, it will be loud and clear.  The more awareness you will build up gradually through your regular yoga and meditation practice, the more in flow you will find yourself to be, the sooner you will start experiencing life with much more ease.

So what is available for you today?  What action can you take right now?


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