5 Tips for Successful Lifestyle Change

5 Ways for Successful LifeStyle Change

‘You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is to find your daily routine.’

They say 21 days is all that it takes for us to create new habits for new lifestyle change in exchange to something that is no longer serving in our lives. So how do we go about it?

Sometimes I feel things in life need to get so bad, that it is simply no longer possible to ignore them.  Sometimes we get too tired to even think straight.  Taking regularly a little time away from everything doing yoga, meditation or other your favourite form of exercise is a perfect way to step back and think.  Maybe even ask yourself that important question: ‘So what am I actually doing with my life?’

Today I want to speak to you about the lifestyle that you lead.  Is your life the one you really love?   Are you fulfilled in all areas of life?  Are you feeling fully alive, passionate about what you do experiencing vitality every day?

Western world is filled with challenges that may occur as they are standing in the way in most of us from achieving the above.  It really is all about life-style choices and we actually do have a big say in this one!

‘Lifestyle change begins with a vision and a single step.’

5 Ways for Successful LifeStyle Change

‘Its not that some people have willpower and some don’t, its that some people are ready to change and others not yet.’

Get Motivated

It is important that whatever you chose to shift in your life is your idea.  Ask yourself why is it important for you and how your life would look like once you have already achieved it.  What would be an impact on all areas of your life, your relationships and the way you feel about your work?

Close your eyes and step in the shoes of a ‘winner’.  Walk, talk and speak as if you are already there.  Our brain is a powerful source!  It is important whatever we create, we do so through positive affirmations. For example – rather than saying: ‘I don’t want to feel fat any more’, you can say something in the present tense like: ‘I am loving the sexi little gorgeous body I live in.’

Remember to enjoy what you do to make is sustainable and fun. There is no point in suffering to achieve anything, however tempting it may be. Also, to make it sustainable and simple enough. You want to be able to imagine having it for the rest of your life.

Structure that Works

We all have different body systems, food preferences and the ways we use our energy.  One of the main benefits of my regular yoga practice is connecting with my own body and designing my day accordingly.  For example: I find myself being the most productive between 9-13.00 and so straight after my own morning yoga and meditation practice and after I finish teaching, I spend time on my business  creating new ventures – preferably somewhere nice and green by the water.  Afternoon, once I have a break for lunch, I like to meet people or do some networking making sure Im having fun. Evenings for me, unless I have my seminars are a cool-down time purely dedicated for spending quality time with my husband, family and friends.

You will find your way that works the best for you.  It took me time to discover mine and I often still have to adjust it according my travels and dynamic schedule, so its never perfect. However, it makes you more content when you listen to your body and create the structure that also works with your other commitments and is flexible enough, so it gives you a space to adjust it according to your current needs.

5 Ways for Successful LifeStyle Change

Set up Support System

Everything is more fun and also much easier when we do it as a team.  Often we try and struggle by ourselves and we don’t have to. Support buddy/team is a great way of being accountable to someone who loves you and stands for you having a great life.  I have my 7.30am daily calls with my friend Antonia where we create our day and empower each other.  It works for both of us beautifully and we wouldn’t do without it now.  Who do you have in your life who you can share with about what is important to you and ask them for their support and encouragement.  Maybe someone who has got similar goal in life.

Reward Your Victories

Making lasting changes in our every day life often takes something as we are creatures of habit.  It is important to acknowledge ourselves along the way rather than wait until we achieve our goal.  There are many excuses people make and so even being on the journey, however successful is a success itself.  Having a desire to be the best version of ourselves is an honourable thing to even start contemplating as a possibility.  In my evening diary I always make sure I add the section to acknowledge myself.  Find the new ways to appreciate who you are – make space in your diary for candle light pampering bath, foot massage or your favourite documentary about the chimps.  The little things we can look forward to every day make big difference!

5 Ways for Successful LifeStyle Change

Love Yourself

After all, it all comes down to love and relationship we have towards ourselves which we then manifest others.  Every action we take, lets think about whether this action is an expression of love, whether we are honouring who we truly are.  Sometimes is enough just to be able to pause before we do or say anything.  Sometimes we just need to stop and check with ourselves whether it is comming from the right place within.

As parents, remember our kids don’t listen to what we say, but who we are being in the process, in various situations, in every day life.  Good habits will be picked up by our children and they will serve them for the rest of their lives.

5 Ways for Successful LifeStyle Change

So how do we find the time for that tranquil walk in the park, exercise or in some cases, even a cup of tea?

Time is one thing that we all have a same amount of.  It is very fair – 24 hours – equally for all of us and just one life.   The one thing we can influence is our perception of time and where we chose to invest it.

‘The sooner you step away from your comfort zone, the sooner you will realise that it really wasn’t at all that comfortable.’ (Eddie Harris jr.)


So why not to do something new, commit to 30 minutes a day for 21 days lifestyle change programme doing one thing that you believe will make the greatest difference in your life.  Perhaps the run in the fields at 5am or yoga class first thing in the morning in your favourite gym or even with me at 7am can be a great option to try.

To book, it takes just a minute – click on Online Yoga with Lucia

Enjoy your transformation, let me know how you are getting on or in case you have any questions or I can support you in any way.

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