5 Reasons for a Detox Before you Get Pregnant

Detox Before Pregnancy

Are you trying to get pregnant? And have you considered a detox prior to your pregnancy? I found out the research by EWG found that babies are typically born “pre-polluted”. This means they have over 200 toxic industrial chemicals circulating in their bodies. They’ve must of absorbed them prior to being born.

Babies born to mums filled with toxins are more likely to have various allergies, autoimmune issues, behavioural problems and excessive crying. These are babies born with a large toxic load according to Nutritionist Kaayla T. Daniel PhD.

Our world became a toxic soup of all sorts of environmental pollutants we either eat, touch or inhale without even thinking about it even once. So what can we actually do for it to be effective?

The most important thing is whichever way you chose to detox as a future mum to be, be gentle.

And here are the reasons why:

1. Clean cosy home for your baby comes

I believe little baby souls chose their parents before conception happens.  They chose us because for them, we are the ones they trust to be the best.

Our tummies are the very first 9 month home for our children, so why not to make it as clean and cosy as possible, so baby feels nourished and welcomed and pregnancy itself pleasant experience of partnership between you two from the very beginning?

2. Balance hormone level

There are certain toxins that are known to disrupt hormones.  We all know when hormones are in balance, we have bigger chance to conceive successfully.

3. Body functioning effortlessly

The less processed food we eat, the more we help our kidneys and liver to function with ease and have more energy we have for everything, including creating a new life.

4. Getting rid of addiction

If you are anything like me, I love food and all sorts of food. The best l little bit of everything really.  This way, we do get huge overload of unhealthy sugars, fat and far too much salt. They are hiding in majority of processed foods.

We no longer eat because we are hungry. We eat because we fancy a boost!  How do I know? If you are really hungry, you wouldn’t open the fridge full of veggies and fruit asking “where is a real food”?

5. Trim Up

I don’t know how about you girls, but I want to look like yummy future mummy to be and I want to feel good & happy before I conceive on my dream vacation.  I also want to make sure people don’t mistaken me being fat for me being pregnant, so why don’t we trim up a figure a little just before our bellies start growing for all the right reasons?

Detox Before Pregnancy

Whatever detox you chose, remember not to suffer it through and do it because it is your choice and it makes you happy.

And why is fertility cleansing important?

Train your brain and switch from saying “I can have it” to “I can, but I’m choosing not to” and see how much difference it makes.  Remember 94% of the time any kind of hunger symptoms are purely psychological.

Lastly, breathe, breathe a lot – do yoga, walk on the fresh air, surround yourself by lots of green and slow right down.  It it time for you to nourish yourself and take plenty of sleep.  Adjust your diary and schedule “Me Detox Time”, prepare your loved ones.  Ask them for their support and share why it is important to you.

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